Driving a lot from home to work and back again can take a toll on your car. You add a lot of mileage to the odometer and that means more wear and tear with the regular use. The brakes and tyres are usually the parts that are affected sooner and need to be replaced often.

When you notice that there could be an issue with your brakes it’s best to sort it out sooner rather than later. If you decide you’re going to continue driving around with the faulty brakes then you could damage your car, or worse, you could end up in an accident. So it’s better to be safe and careful. There are different signs which could indicate that your brakes are not working properly. These would be signs such as the brakes are making a strange noise like a whistling sound. Another sign would be that the brakes are hard to press or it is too spongy. Or the steering wheel veers to one side or vibrates while you apply the brakes. These are not good signs. If you notice these things happening when you use the brakes then you should go to a brake fitment centre and ask them to check it for you. Tell them what you’re experiencing when you drive the car and use the brakes. This will give them a better indication as to what they need to check so that they can repair it. If it is the brake pads that are worn and faulty then they would suggest a brake pad replacement. You don’t want to drive around with faulty brake pads because it can damage your car and the results thereof could be more costly than simply just repairing the brakes. This applies to most car parts. When any car part or a warning light appears and you drive around doing your daily activities that particular car part can affect the other parts. So not only is the one car part damaged but it leads to damaging the corresponding car parts. Imagine the consequences of those actions. When one car part is damaged and you replace it immediately, the rest of the car functions optimally. But if you don’t replace that one car part in time, the other car parts around it can be ruined. Then you end up with a big repair bill because you didn’t act fast enough.

This happens to a lot of people because they think the warning light is a just a light that suggests you should check the brakes. But the warning light is a serious warning. It is also a very good warning indicator because it tells you immediately when there is something wrong with the brakes. Even if there are no other signs to let you know that the brakes are faulty. It is important to take these warning seriously and fix the problems.

So make sure you that you don’t drive around with faulty brake pads because it could damage the other car parts.

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