A car should always be roadworthy. This means that it should always be in a good driving condition so that it is not a hazard or danger to other road users. There shouldn’t be any parts that are loose which may fall off during the drive. This could be dangerous for the cars that are driving behind you. Furthermore, the brakes should also be in good working condition at all times.

If the brakes fail while you are driving it could cause catastrophic consequences for you and your fellow road users. Imagine how devastating the effects of failed brakes could be if you were to approach a red traffic light and you weren’t able to stop. There are a number of events that could occur. The car could crash into the traffic light post if there is no one in front on you. If there are vehicles in front of you then your car will hit them directly behind causing a crash. There could be pedestrians crossing the road and don’t realise that you can’t stop. What if you are driving on the highway and you need to slow down because the car in front you is slowing down? You would drive into them. There are so many negative scenarios that could happen if the brakes were to fail.

It is imperative that you always drive with functioning brakes. You need to have full control of your vehicle and being able to stop is extremely important. So if you notice any strange sounds like a whistling sound when you apply the brakes then the brake pads might be worn out. This is a good indication to go for a brake check as soon as you can. Find a brake repair fitment centre that is accredited and is known for good workmanship. Then upon their professional advice a brake pad replacement can be done on your vehicle. Once the repair work has been done, they should check that it is in good working order before you drive away.

It is not difficult to understand why a brake pad replacement should be done, especially when you are aware of the devastating consequences that could follow. So next time you suspect anything strange with your brakes, get it checked right away.