It’s no secret that the brakes are important and that it is one of the most used car parts. Think about how many times today you applied the brakes. It’s one of those things that you do and don’t really think about. As long as the vehicle comes to halt when you command it to, you don’t truly realise the significance of this valuable car part.

From the moment you left home when you reversed out of the driveway you had to use the brakes. Pulling away from your house and driving to the stop sign and then the traffic light, you had to use your brakes to stop. Then think about how many times you turned left and right and how about how many times you engaged in over taking other vehicles. All of these driving activities require you to use the brakes.

When it comes to car insurance is brake repairs something that they cover?

Well, insurance companies do differ when it comes to what is covered. Brakes are considered a wear and tear item. This means that it will usually need to be replaced or brake repairs will need to be done when you’ve used it so much that it doesn’t work anymore or is near the end of its lifespan. Generally wear and tear is not something that most insurance companies cover. However, check with your insurer if they do cover it.

If you have a maintenance plan for a new car that you bought then such brake repairs could be included in your schedule. If the brakes are worn or faulty and you need a brake pad replacement then it may be covered by the insurer but check this so that they can advise you accordingly. There may be certain rules attached to such repairs such as the accreditation of the mechanic or they may have selected mechanics that you have to choose from. It’s always good to find out what your insurer covers so that you are aware and prepared for any eventuality.

Insurance companies have a lot of conditions when it comes to claims and this is a result from years of being in the industry and also many people trying to swindle the insurance companies with fraudulent claims. Every claim needs to be checked before it can be processed. If they ask you lots of questions about the repairs on your vehicle make sure that you give the right information for your claim to be valid.

In conclusion, certain insurance companies may cover the costs of brake repairs and brake pad replacements depending on their conditions. However there are others that may not cover it which means that you will have to pay for it yourself. Either way you should be prepared for whenever you may need to replace your brakes. This shouldn’t deter you from checking the brakes if you notice something unusual. You need to make sure that your car is safe for road use, for both yourself and for other road users. Always safety first.

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