Do you find that you are living life in the fast lane, both figuratively and literally? Work, life, family, friends and all other activities take up all of your time. To get to work, back home and to other social events you find yourself rushing and driving in the fast lane. It’s no secret that life is tough. But there are ways to cope with it.

Living is hard at work and takes a lot of energy. You want to succeed, to climb the ladder to the top which means that it takes a toll on your body and your mind. Get organised at work by making a list of what you need to do. Set goals and prioritise what is important at work. If you can, delegate some of the tasks or set a reasonable time frame for completing each task. Focus on the major tasks and complete them instead of leaving it for the next day.

Work is challenging so you need to have it all under control otherwise it can break you. Your mind and body can only take so much. Plus if you have everything organised at work, you will enjoy your work day that much more.

After work, life at home continues. Your partner expects you take care of certain errands at home, your children have demands and you all have to eat and live in a neat home. So the pressure continues when you get home. How do you cope with all of this? Take it one bit at a time. When you get home, take a few moments for yourself, whether that is a bit of exercise or watching one of your favourite shows. Then you can continue with your errands. If you can’t take time before you start with the errands then do it after everything is done. Before you go to bed, take a bit of time for your favourite relaxation activities.

Family life is not easy so you have to balance your own sanity with what is expected of you at home. When you’re happy, your family will be happy too.

In between work and home there is the journey. The one where you have to drive to work, to home, and other places you want to go. So you drive everywhere. Driving can be stressful. Other drivers don’t respect the road rules and many accidents are caused by this. What you can do is remain calm, perhaps listen to music as you drive. Follow the traffic rules and ensure that your car is in good condition. For example if you notice that the brake pads are faulty then book your car in for a brake pad replacement.

When you live life in the fast lane, sometimes you have to take the next off ramp to slow down.