Like most necessary components that are installed in the car, the brake pads also need to be maintained often and checked during every service. Depending on how you drive also affects the life span of this specific component.

People who drive in heavy traffic in the mornings and the afternoons are likely to have faulty brakes or pads because of the constant use of them. Constant stopping will have an effect on the brake pads and might cause wear sooner than expected.

Another factor that could influence the life of the component is weight. The more weight the vehicle is carrying, the stronger the material installed needs to be within the braking system. As you press the pedal the more force is required to stop the car.

Judging by the appearance, you can tell that your brake pads need to be replaced because of how thick it is. The normal thickness of them is about twelve millimetres whereas many worn brake pads are less than half that size. The thinner the material is the more danger you may be in because the brake pad could snap at any given moment.

On the other hand, sports cars or performance cars usually need their brakes to be replaced more often, especially if the incorrect material has been used. For these cars, specially developed pads have been manufactured to make braking more effective. Speed could influence how quickly you come to a stop and a brake pad that does not strain under the force, heat and pressure is what will stop the fast car safely.

To check if you have problems with your brake pads you can look out for the following signs:

  • Pulsating pedal – this is the easiest way to tell that you need to get the component replaced.
  • Brake warning light – This is the most obvious sign that will indicate that there is something wrong with the braking system. Do not ignore the light when it comes on as there might be a leakage.
  • Noises coming from the brakes – you will have to listen carefully for this one as it is more difficult to notice these sounds compared to the sounds of your surroundings. When you hear brake noises it means that there is either wear, dirt, loose parts or a leakage.

Brake pad replacement is a common activity within the mechanic’s workshop because of how many people need to get this car part replaced. It is always important to get all parts of your car checked to make your drive safer and more comfortable.